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Scorpio Blend

Scorpio Blend

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☼ Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac, according to western astrology☼

Planetary Ruler~Mars and Pluto
Symbol~The Scorpion
Mantra~I Desire
Dates~October 23rd-November 21st.

At Venus In Aquarius Apothica, each astrological blend has a mission to inspire divine balance in each sign, and by doing so, recognizing your unique and powerful gifts to become the very best version of yourself. Oils represented in the Scorpio blend include:

Patchouli+Cardamom+Jasmine Absolute+Ylang-Ylang+Lavender
Infused with jasmine, rose, and tigers eye

note, I use essential oils very responsibly in my products. All blends are diluted at 2-3%. This is not a perfume and isnt intended to be. Less is more.

This scent is best described as warm, sensual, mysterious, and an aphrodisiac! Just like the passionate Scorpio!

Comes in a 10ml. roll on bottle.

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Scorpios are passionate and intense souls. With them, its all or nothing. Out of all the signs, Scorpio bestows the highest level of emotional and physical energy. Being ruled by mars which is planet of action, you have a very powerful aura about you, and others definitely feel your presence. Scorpios are also strongly intuitive. Because of their intense and powerful energy, Scorpios in adolescence may not know how to channel these energies positively. Being ruled by pluto, scorpios aren't afraid of the dark side of human nature, and while many avoid the topic of death and rebirth because of the fear of the unknown, Scorpios are intrigued by its mystery and have no problem talking about it. Scorpios are creative souls, and because of their love of tapping into the unknown and solving life's mysteries, they have a great imagination and create otherworldly art because of it. Scorpios make loyal and trustworthy friends, but they like to keep their circle small and very well understood. Scorpio is ruled by the genitals and reproductive system, they are sexual people and very much in tune to their sexuality.

On the downside or when off-balance, a Scorpio can hold a grudge like no tomorrow, and may never forgive someone. Regardless of the amount of time that has passed. Not only does this have adverse effects on their personal relationships, it also has adverse affects on their emotional well-being. Being represented by the Scorpion, they have a stinger and when upset or hurt will use the stinger on the person who wronged them. It's important for Scorpio to take a grounded approach and to really communicate how they feel instead of trying to hurt them back.

Scorpios have the amazing ability to transform themselves. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, they can rise up and become stronger than ever. Most Scorpios will experience this at least several times in their lifetime. Learning how to channel their personal power and use it towards healing the world, creating beautiful art, and using it towards all things love and light is how a Scorpio can best utilize this power.