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Venus In Aquarius Apothica

Micro - Batched, Slow Process For Mind Body and Spirit


Whole Herbal Body Care For Your Whole Self

Slow Herbalism and slow process

With an emphasis on reverence and reciprocity. Ears, eyes, and heart wide open to recieve their messages, medicine, and stories.

Here's What People Are Saying

Venus In Aquarius Apothica has some of the best herbal products around. I trust these products for my sensitive skin, and have always had incredible results with everything i've tried. Highly recommended.

These Products continue to impress me. They're beautifully crafted and packaged. And they feel indulgent and nourishing. You can tell how much love and care goes into making them, and that energy comes through each time I use then.

These products are made with so much love and so much care that they feel like ritual - a way of communing with my body both inside and out. I have so much trust in samantha and know what she offers has not only the power of plant medicine, but also her most beautiful intentions.