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Our ultimate intention and mission behind Venus In Aquarius is beyond sustainable practices. All of our products are made using materials that can be reused, recycled, or repurposed. Our packaging is repurposed from our many suppliers which means you may see some bubble wrap or bio-degradable packing peanuts in your package. The intention is for you to also repurpose and reuse these materials, so they can be reused forward and forward. 

Cleveland Ohio resides on formally Erie land. Bi-annually we donate to native reparation organizations in our area such as LENAC. Additionally, we give back to organizations around our area such as The Caring, Community fridge CLE, United Plant Savers, etc.

We use herbs and plants that grow on the shores of Lake Erie, are native to our great lakes bio-region, are grown with respect and care, and are not on the UPS ( united plant savers ) watch list. We do not use herbs that are culturally appropriative and have ethics and sustainability concerns such as sandalwood, palo santo, white sage, rosewood, etc. 

Because of our seasonal approach, many times our products will be out of stock for longer than a few months. This is intentional; as nothing in nature blooms all year. 

We support small scale herbalist ran herb farms in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina for the majority of our herbal inventory. Incorporating these shifts supports the economy, lessens our carbon footprint, supports people who are creating a better world that I and many others would like to live in, and generates exceptional quality products. 

Our essential oils that we use are certified Organic and give full transparency of when they were distilled, and where the plants come from. We use essential oils very responsibly in our products and believe in the less is more approach. Many of our body care products are void of essential oils, because over the years we have found that whole herbal extractions are just as, if not more affective. And more sustainable in the long run. We never use MLM brands such as young living or Doterra. 

We are always still learning, improving, evolving, and re-remembering