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Sagittarius Blend

Sagittarius Blend

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☼ Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the zodiac, according to western astrology ☼

Planetary Ruler~Jupiter
Symbol~The Archer & Bow (Centaur)
Mantra~ "I Aim"
Dates~ November 22nd-December 21st

At Venus In Aquarius Apothica, each astrological blend has a mission to inspire divine balance in each sign, and by doing so, recognizing and honoring your unique gifts to become the very best version of yourself. Oils represented in the Sagittarius Blend include:

Atlas Cedarwood+Juniper Berry+Nutmeg+Hyssop
Infused with Clove and Carnelian

This scent is best described as grounding, balsam-y, fresh, and jovial! Perfect for the free-spirited Sagittarius.

note, I use essential oils very responsibly in my products. All blends are diluted at 2-3%. This is not a perfume and isnt intended to be. Less is more.
Comes in a 10ml. roll on bottle.

-Roll onto pulse points or bottom of feet. Use daily, or whenever you're feeling a little off balance :)

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Sagittarius's are the free spirits of the zodiac. They are wanderers at heart, and wherever their bow lands, they go. Ruled by the Centaur, the creature who is half horse and half man, shoots his arrow as a way of challenging oneself. Once the challenge has been finished, they continue to shoot their arrow to the next feat. This could be a great number of things. They love travel and hate being constrained. Jovial personalities and generous natured, Sagittarius would be the sign to plan a weekend get-away on a whim, just because. Open minded and adventurous, they love a good friendly debate and have strong and passionate opinions on matters that concern the world and humanity. Sagittarius are honest and sincere, and you can always count on them for this. Freedom, independence, optimistic, and also the friendliest sign.

On the downside or when off-balance, they can sometimes come across as brash and arrogant because they have such strong opinions. Sagittarius isn't known for being practical and can be overly impulsive and extravagant if they don't watch themselves. They can be impatient as well. When they have no challenges, they may become depressed. Doesn't last very long usually.
It's important for a Sagittarius to work on the project they are on and finish it, instead of starting a new one.