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☼ Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, according to western astrology ☼

Planetary Ruler~ The Sun
Element~ Fire
Symbol~ The Lion
Mantra~ "I Will"
Dates~ July 23rd-August 22nd.

At Venus In Aquarius Apothica, each astrological blend has a mission to inspire divine balance in each sign, and by doing so, recognizing and honoring your unique and powerful gifts to become the very best version of yourself. Oils represented in the Leo blend include:

Infused with Hibiscus, Sunflower Petals

This scent is best described as spicy, warm, bright, and fiery! Just like the fierce Leo.

Comes in a 10ml. roll on bottle

note, I use essential oils very responsibly in my products. All blends are diluted at 2-3%. This is not a perfume and isnt intended to be. Less is more.

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Leo's are born leaders, just like the lion! They are courageous, brave, and make fierce and loyal friends. They have large hearts, which is ironic because Leo rules the cardiovascular system! They are a fiery ray of sunshine and their presence is never ignored. They are passionate about what they believe in, and love creative endeavors. They also love the spotlight and being recognized, and love to entertain. It is not uncommon to see many broadway actors/actresses and big names in Hollywood that fall under the sign Leo. They love children, animals, and the outdoors.
Having a Leo as a friend, they will always be there for you. All they ask in return is to be made feel important, useful, and complimented and they will give you the whole world in return.

On the downside or when off-balance, a leo needs to be careful of being arrogant and coming across as bossy, pretentious, and egotistical. When a Leo doesn't feel appreciated or ignored by the ones they love, they can go down this route. A Leo needs to practice self-love and know that they are noticed, appreciated, and loved. Leo's may suffer from jealously, especially when in adolescence.