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Taurus Blend

Taurus Blend

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☼ Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac according to western astrology ☼

Planetary Ruler~ Venus
Element~ Earth
Symbol~ The Bull
Mantra~ "I Have"
Dates~ April 21st-May 21st.

At Venus In Aquarius Apothica, each astrological blend has the mission to inspire divine balance in each sign and by doing so, recognizing the unique and powerful gifts that each sign has to become the very best version of yourself, using only what nature has provided! Oils represented in the Taurus blend include:

Patchouli+Vanilla+Rose Absolute+Juniper Berry
Infused with rose and aventurine

The scent is best described as grounding + sensual + sweet & slightly balsam-y! Perfect for when a Taurus needs a little boost of sensual comfort!

note, I use essential oils very responsibly in my products. All blends are diluted at 2-3%. This is not a perfume and isn't intended to be. Less is more.

Comes in a 10ml. roll on bottle

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Taurus's are reliable, honest, loyal, and grounded. Just like their planetary ruler Venus, they appreciate beauty in everything around them. A well balanced Taurus is when all their senses are activated and at ease. A Taurus in their natural element enjoys a good home cooked meal, listening to good music, an aromatherapy bath, satin sheets, and any sensual pleasure. They are the perfect hosts/hostesses and love entertaining. Taurus's make loyal, trustworthy, and lifetime friends. A Taurus friend is a friend for life. Always reliable and constantly faithful. Good listeners and any advice given will be conventional, encouraging and to "do the right thing." They are the best to take shopping, because they will give you non-judgemental feedback on what flatters you or not, and are frugal and practical and strongly dislike reckless, impulsive spending.

On the downside and when off balance, Taurus can be too self indulgent, stubborn, being resistant to change especially if they have strong opinions on the subject matter, materialistic, possessiveness and jealously.

Taurus is ruled by the throat and thyroid. Which may make you prone to sore throats and metabolism issues. Though many taurus's make excellent singers and have great voices in general!

The magic happens outside of your comfort zone, Taurus. You inspire the world to take it easy in life, and enjoy the little things that we sometimes miss. <3