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Rose + Yarrow + Tulsi Facial Toner

Rose + Yarrow + Tulsi Facial Toner

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A beautiful blend of rose water, hibiscus and yarrow infused witch hazel, Aloe Vera, and Tulsi ( Holy Basil ) Hydrosol make this a perfect toner for sensitive, acne prone, and combo skin alike.


ROSE WATER // Seriously one of my favorite skin care ingredients of all time. Rose is naturally calming & uplifting by nature...the energetics of rose are cooling and drying, great for overly oily complexions and cooling after sun exposure.

ALOE VERA // Hydrates, balances, heals skin from sun exposure, evens out skin tone.

YARROW // A natural astringent. Yarrows coagulant properties / heating and drying properties allow for a well rounded action

TULSI ( HOLY BASIL ) // In Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi is considered a staple much like turmeric. Tulsi is one of the best anti-inflammatory gems for the face. Combats excess oil, reduces redness. Protects against environmental toxins, aids in circulation, etc.

HIBISCUS // High in Vitamin C, cooling and demulcent. Allows skin to absorb more moisture, high in natural AHAs. helps assist in the appearance of dark spots/fine lines/wrinkles/etc. Evens out complexion. Plus the color is so beautiful!

WITCH HAZEL // Also a natural astringent, anti-bacterial, non drying.

+++Comes in a beautiful 4 oz. bottle.


Shake well. After exfoliating/cleansing face, gently mist toner over face & neck. Allow to air dry. Follow up with Venus In Aquarius Apothecary Facial Elixir. External use only...Avoid eye/mouth.