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Root Chakra

Root Chakra

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Introducing my Herbal+Gem Infused Chakra Anointing Oils for a balanced energy center.

Root Chakra---Mantra--> "I am Grounded" includes grounding, warm, and spicy oils such as Vetiver, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cedarwood, and Patchouli inspired by the earth element...infused with a whole clove and a charged black tourmaline stone which you can carry on your person when the blend runs out. Diluted in Apricot oil, so your oil will last a very long time.
-Use this oil to anoint your energy center when you're feeling a bit ungrounded or unsettled. Incorporate into your yoga practice, before a nature walk, or before you sleep. Best results are to use directly on your knees or thighs or bottoms of feet, but feel free to use on your wrists too!

-Our Root Chakra is our most important Chakra. It allows us to feel connected to ourselves and our surroundings, and aligned with our survival instincts.
Signs of a Root Chakra Blockage//Imbalance:
-Fear of Change
-Not feeling safe in environment
-Inability to let go and move on.
-Spinal or lower back pain
-Feeling unsettled or ungrounded.

Ways to balance your root chakra is to walk barefoot outside. Wear the color red or visualizing the color red in your mediation practice. Practice affirmations, and incorporate more red//grounding foods such as beets, Turnip (or any other root vegetable) raspberries, and pomegranate into your diet.