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☼ Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac, according to western astrology ☼

Planetary Ruler~Venus
Symbol~The Scales
Mantra~"I Balance"
Dates~September 23rd-October 22nd

At Venus In Aquarius Apothecary, each astrological blend has a mission to inspire divine balance in each sign, and by doing so, recognizing your unique and powerful gifts so you can become the very best version of yourself. Oils represented in the Libra blend include:

Vetiver+cedarwood+Geranium+Rose Absolute+Ylang-Ylang+Spearmint.
Infused with Rose Petals & Rose Quartz

This scent is best described as fresh, sweet, floral, sensual, and feminine! Perfect for the harmony seeking Libra.

note, I use essential oils very responsibly in my products. All blends are diluted at 2-3%. This is not a perfume and isnt intended to be. Less is more.

Comes in a 10ml roll on bottle.

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Libra's are the peacemakers of the zodiac. Being ruled by the scales, they are able to weigh advantages and disadvantages and are able to see both sides of the story/spectrum. Libra's strive for balance in everything they do, and in a friend circle are usually the mediators who are always looking for common ground. They have a knack for beauty in everything, because of their planetary ruler Venus....they love when they are well dressed/groomed, and are surrounded by beautiful landscape or are captivated by beautiful fragrances. They are also social butterflies and romantics at heart, and can easily make friends with people from all walks of life.

On the downside or when off balance, Libra's may struggle with being people pleasers and not being impeccable with their word. They may be all talk but no follow through. They want to be well liked by all, and instead of speaking their mind, may not be impeccable or true to themselves. Since they are opposed to conflict, Libra's may not express how they are truly feeling, just to make the other person happy. Libra's can struggle with being vain and superficial, putting a huge emphasis on physical features instead of what lies within.


For external use only. Always do a small skin test first. Do not consume. Do not use while pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Always consult with a medical practitioner before using aromatherapy products if you're using any topical medications. These products are not intended to treat or cure any chronic health ailments. Venus In Aquarius Apothecary is not responsible for misuse of products.
Any Questions? Please don't hesitate to message me! :)